DRR Month concluded with a reminder to everyone to implement Disaster Risk Reduction measures

The Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Month that kicked off on 1st October, 2019 themed “build to last, my responsibility for disaster resilience was concluded on 31st October, 2019 in a community work in Bitare Cell, Karama Sector, Kamonyi District with the Minister in charge of Emergency Management, Germaine KAMAYIRESE, reminding everyone to implement the disaster risk reduction and mitigation measures.

The DRR Month concluding event that was set apart by the community work in Bitare Cell, retrofitting houses, tree planting and cleaning water drainage systems were among the core activities carried out to tackle the disaster effects in this cell. In an interaction with the population after the community work, the Minister  in charge of Emergency Management, Germaine KAMAYIRESE, reiterated the importance of implementing the disaster risk prevention, reduction and mitigation measures as well as how everyone should plan for them.

“I would like to remind everyone that disaster prevention, reduction and mitigation is everyone’s responsibility either be in public or private sector as well as in civil society organizations. I call upon every public and private institution as well as Civil Society organizations to include in their plans the Disaster Risk Reduction component for effective preparedness to increase the resilience of our community to disasters,” said the Minister in Charge of Emergency Management. 

She went on to remind the population that though the DRR Month took its end, the efforts to minimize the exposure to disasters are continuous. “The DRR Month comes to its end, however the efforts to minimize the disasters are continuous so as to make our community more resilient to disasters,” she added.

Across the country, different activities have been carried out during the Disaster Risk Reduction Month. Among the undertaken activities include the DRR public Campaigns in all 30 districts and through media, trainings of masons on retrofitting houses as well as conferences on DRR, community works to support the disaster effects’ victims  among other activities.