Jya Mbere Project to improve the well-being of refugee and host communities

Jya Mbere (Social Economic Inclusion of Refugees and Host Communities-SEIRHC) Project aims at improving access to basic services and economic opportunities for refugees and host communities and support environmental management in target areas in Rwanda; Gatsibo, Gicumbi, Gisagara, Karongi, Nyamagabe and Kirehe Districts hosting respectively refugee camps of Nyabiheke, Gihembe, Mugombwa, Kiziba, Kigeme and Mahama.

How will the project contribute to the socio-economic progress of both refugees and host communities?

Jya Mbere Project will improve access to basic services and expand economic opportunities for both refugees and host communities who live in the six districts hosting refugee camps. Host communities suffer from the same development constraints as refugees such as limited employment opportunities, high ratio of students in classrooms and a dependence on low-income agriculture for livelihood. While relations are generally good between refugees and host communities, the project will promote continued peaceful co-existence by mitigating the negative impacts of refugee presence by providing equitable access to project benefits to both groups and by promoting joint economic activities.

How will the project add value to the current development efforts?

Jya Mbere project is aligned with the country’s initiative of promoting private-sector led income-generation and employment for refugees and host communities. It will support social and economic infrastructures in rural areas to enhance access to basic services, road connectivity and market opportunities. This contributes to the creation of jobs and improvement of the productivity of people with low income through rural development and social protection. Jya Mbere project aligns with National Strategy for Transformation that highlights human development, environmental sustainability and private-sector driven growth as priorities.