Rwandans called upon to abide with the disaster reduction measures

Representatives from Different Institutions posing for a group Photo during DRR Conference on October 15, 2019.

The call was made by the Minister in Charge of Emergency Management, Germaine KAMAYIRESE, during the Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction organized by MINEMA in partnership with the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK) and Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO. The Conference was held in Kigali on Thursday 15th October, 2019.

As a part of the activities dedicated to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Month that kicked off on 1st October, 2019, the conference focused on measures, researches, thoughts and concrete actions that can be undertaken to contribute to disaster risk reduction in Rwanda, under the theme: “Build to Last, my responsibility for disaster resilience”.

Minister KAMAYIRESE, during the conference, underlined the need of joints efforts in order to reach concrete actions through the enforcement and implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction and prevention measures.

“All stakeholders from decision-making level to beneficiaries and the community at large must be fully involved in a move to disaster risk mitigation and prevention. I call upon all Rwandans to strengthen their collaboration and work in synergy through activities aiming at reducing disaster risks and building resilience of communities.” Minister Kamayirese Said.

The conference brought together scientists, engineers, academicians, people from government institutions and the private sector to discuss on all phases of disaster risk management for generating important outcomes and initiatives as well as propose best practices that will be put together to strengthen DRR.

The Secretary general of Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO; Mr. MUTESA Albert highlighted the role of education, research and capacity building in earth sciences to prevent and mitigate disaster risks.

“Engaging all society and ensuring wide preparation in the implementation of disaster risk reduction measures is critical to protect people and their livelihoods from Disaster risks. We believe in the role of improving knowledge and innovation to address water security, preparedness to mitigate the risks of natural hazards and for building a culture for Disaster Resilience.”

The DRR conference is one of many other activities across the country that are being done during this DRR Month.

Some of those activities include, the ongoing awareness campaigns on Disaster risk reduction across the country during the whole of October 2019; a month dedicated to DRR campaign. A training for delegates from different institutions on proper use and maintenance of lightning Protection Systems that took place in Rutsiro District from 2nd to 4th October, 2019 and gathered 40 participants.

In addition, the Community works have been organised in all districts with activities comprising the plantation of trees, retrofitting houses, creating and improving waterways and building houses for disaster-affected households.  

The whole month of October is dedicated to DRR celebration, exceptionally in Rwanda while internationally; the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (IDDRR) was celebrated on 13th October each year with the theme: “Build to last”. The whole month was dedicated to Disaster Risk Reduction activities because Rwanda attaches a special attention to disasters risk reduction measures that need to be promoted and implemented by the community at large.