Focal persons from districts trained to implement disaster risk prevention and mitigation activities.

Trained focal persons said the training to focal persons on planning for disaster risk management has been very beneficial.

To effectively ensure the disaster public awareness for effective prevention and mitigation from grassroots level in the country, the Ministry in Charge of Emergency Management (MINEMA) trained 30 focal persons from all districts to implement planned activities related to disaster risk prevention and mitigation. The workshop was held in Muhanga District from 27th to 30th August, 2019.

Trained focal persons will plan for disaster risk reduction activities, conduct disaster awareness, education and training to the community and report achieved activities in Disaster Risk Reduction.

MWISENEZA Jonas; Disaster Management Officer in Gatsibo District who attended the workshop, said the training to focal persons on planning for disaster risk management has been very beneficial.

“We received enough skills in line with planning for disaster risk management. We learnt different ways to plan for awareness campaigns to prevent and mitigate disaster risks.” Said Mwiseneza after the training in Muhanga District.

Besides gaining skills on disaster risk management, the focal points from all 30 districts pledged to collaborate with MINEMA to share the gained skills with their community to enhance disaster prevention and mitigation measures.

“We will utilize all gained skills. We will train teachers and students in schools, sensitize our population to build in safe places as well as implementing other measures in place to mitigate disaster risks. MINEMA earmarked budget for activities; we will conduct disaster awareness, education, and training to the community.” Said Kayitesi Marie Claire; Disaster Management Officer in Rubavu District.

Rwanda experienced severe disasters that have caused different damages and losses. In view of its vulnerability to various types of hydro meteorological hazards such as windstorms, landslides, floods and lightning, there is a need to enhance disaster prevention and mitigation measures.

Storms (Heavy rains, winds, thunder, hailstones) resulting to hydro metrological disasters, are the most devastating hazards in Rwanda in terms of losses, damages and frequency. This is due mainly on the highest vulnerability of the population and the insufficiency of coping capabilities.

All districts are affected from storms every year and it is the reason why prevention and mitigation measures are regularly taken to tackle this threat linked with the effects of the climate change and the pressure on the environment.